Mucs Atelier

Mucs Atelier was founded by Ceylin Saral Tanki and Durul Tanki in 2015 in Istanbul as a wood carving and ceramic atelier. The starting point of the brand was to bring together the trees that had completed their lifetime in nature with design and to reintroduce them as valuable items.

The design and production pertaining to all wood carving including special wood designs and hand-made objects, are undertaken by Durul and Ceylin.

Durul Tanki studied Advertisement, whereas Ceylin Saral Tanki is a graduate of graphic design at art faculty.

The most important feature of Mucs Atelier designs is the hand chiseled texture they use in different types of trees.


Durul Tanki
Ceylin Saral Tanki

Durul Tanki
Ceylin Saral Tanki

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