Fy-shan Glass Studio

Fy-shan Glass Studio located in Pera, Istanbul, was founded by glass artist Felekşan Onar in 2006 with the aim to design and produce limited-edition functional art, decorative objects and lighting.  Periodically, Fy-shan Glass Studio introduces updated, innovative and contemporary collections that represent the artistic story behind its creation, coupled with excellent craftsmanship.

Felekşan, who has studied economics and music at Cornell University, has spent the first part of her professional life in finance and marketing. Initially showing interest in glass as a collector, Felekşan later received her formal education in glass-making at Glass Furnace, Istanbul in 2004.

Fy-shan Glass Studio collections are inspired by wide range of sources, and also benefits extensively from Felekşan’s artistic career as she continues to show her work not only in Turkey, but also in Berlin, Stockholm, Venice and New York. Felekşan’s dedication and focus to glass and her expertise in several techniques including blowing, casting, fusing, lamp-working and cold-working coupled with professional assistance in product design, enhances the timeless creations of Fy-shan Glass Studio.

‘Glass, not only expresses my past and present, but also my anxieties and expectations for future. Through glass, I speak, breathe and live.’



Felekşan Onar

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