Istanbul based multidisciplinary design studio Autoban works across a range of architecture and interiors, product and experiential design. Internationally renowned, they forge reputation for thoughtfulness, experimentation and craftsmanship.

Autoban’s philosophy is to create meaningful designs that tell enthralling stories.  Approaching each project as storytellers, studio follows the credo of multiplicity in design, singularity in experience. An international team generously layer material, texture and narrative that in time the multilayered design language has become Autoban’s signature.

Each element is informed by a uniquely space-centric approach, blending wit with sophistication, and minimal forms with rich materials. Studio is fascinated by common materials and uncommon materials used in uncommon ways. The materials are skillfully and instinctively pushed to reveal their full potential. Along this multiplicity yet each Autoban design offers a singular experience to people who encounter or inhabit it: memorable, characterful, and surprising; timeless design that speak powerfully to both place and people.

Founded in 2003 by Seyhan Özdemir Sarper and Sefer Çağlar, and lately joined by Efe Aydar, they and the team have not only redefined Istanbul metropolitans’ relations with the space through a wide range of work from hospitality, transport, commercial, retail, residential to public realm developments but also involved in major projects in London, Madrid, Hong Kong, Moscow, Rome, Malta Valetta, The Maldives and China as well as Azerbaijan. Today their signature furniture and lighting range is sold around the world.


Seyhan Özdemir
Sefer Çağlar

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